Friday, November 06, 2015

New Additions

Since the last time I posted on this page, my life has changed. I had my first child, E in February 2014 and a second one, J came along this June. Our growing family necessitated a move to a bigger house which occurred in October. Busy is a word I am quite familiar with. Below are a few pictures of the little ones who are filling my life with joy!

This is Miss E. She was born premature at 34 weeks and has mild hearing loss as a result. She is doing well with her listening skills and speech. These are pictures of her when she was a year old.

This is Mr J, also born at 34 weeks like his sister. Never did I imagine lightning would strike twice. He is a healthy 4-month old with no complications. He loves his big sister. Below are a few pictures of us in the NICU before he was released to come home.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy New Year of the Horse! 2014

 Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous new year!
恭喜发财! 新年快乐!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back to School 2013/2014

The end of the summer is drawing near and back to school planning is in full swing here at Musica Gloria.

Musica Gloria Piano Studio is now accepting piano students for the fall semester. Please check out the "Piano Studio" tab for more information. Collaborative pianist services are open for booking now. If you need a pianist for your next recital, please contact me early.

We've successfully conducted our "Summer Group Piano for Kids" camp. We are looking forward to hosting another piano discovery class for 5-6 yr olds (Pre-K-1st Grade) in October. Larsen Music will again host our class in their Clavinova room. Watch for the announcement when registration opens.

Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer vacation!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Camp Allegro Wichita 2013

Camp Allegro Wichita 2013
I will be returning to Camp Allegro for my 5th year as piano ensemble and music theory teacher. I look forward to an amazing time with my Kansas colleagues and teaching at this camp! This year's camp will be held at the Independent School at 8317 E. Douglas.

Camp Allegro fills up very quickly so mail your applications as soon as possible. Financial assistance is also available. Check out their website for more information.

Excerpt from Camp Allegro's website:

"Our summer session brings some new and exciting changes for Camp Allegro Wichita.  This summer, we will have TWO guest artists-in-residence: Hal Grossman, violin professor at University of Oklahoma, will return this summer to work with our advanced string players; and Wesley DeSpain, director of orchestra at Derby High School, director of the Delano Chamber Orchestra, and Friends University professor, will coach woodwind and brass ensembles, lead masterclasses and teach private lessons to our advanced wind players."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Group Piano Classes

Discover Piano Class for Children Announcing beginner piano classes for ages 5 and 6. Start your little one's journey into discovering music and piano. Digital pianos and fun activities for student-centered learning. All materials will be provided. One week "camp" in July with continuing course in the fall. Enrollment is limited. Please email for more information.

Piano for Leisure for Adults Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Interested to engage in music making for leisure? Perhaps you have taken lessons in the past and want to rekindle your love for the piano. Learn to play tunes and melodies familiar to you. Stay motivated and connected with others pursuing the same goals of making music. Course will beginning in the fall and enrollment is limited. Please email for more information.

Collaborative Pianist Services, Oklahoma City, OK

If you are looking for a collaborative pianist/accompanist for your next recital or upcoming juries, I have experience accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists (strings, low brass and woodwinds mainly). I have served as the staff accompanist for several choirs and accompanied for some studios. I do have openings for the spring semester 2013, just in time for juries.

1. $20 non-refundable retainer fee that is applied to the first rehearsal.
2. $40 an hour/$20 per half hour for rehearsals, lessons, or recital hearings.
3. $25 per jury (This includes warm up and rehearsing your piece before your jury, wait times and your jury.)
4. $60 per recital hearing.
5. $120 per recital (This includes 1 hr rehearsal time immediately before your recital and the recital itself.)
6. The above figures are negotiable. I will work with you and discuss a payment fair to both of us.

Things to note:
1. I take collaboration seriously so that you can achieve your musical goals. In light of that, there will be a simple contract between you and I. This will ensure a smooth working relationship between us.
2. A retainer fee of $20 is non-refundable and is payable when music is given to me. This will be credited towards the first rehearsal.
3. Clean copies of music should be given to me at least 2 weeks in advance of the first rehearsal. Six weeks would be required for more substantial pieces. If possible, please indicate these on your scores: metronome tempos, repeats, cuts and other edits.
4. Rehearsals or lessons should be scheduled a week in advance. Cancellations must be given 24 hrs in advance, unless in case of emergency or illness. If not, you will be billed.
5. I will also keep to the same 24 hrs notification. If you have already paid for the time, you will receive a credit or reimbursement.
6. Full payment is required at the last rehearsal prior to the performance event (jury or recital).
7. I can come to rehearsals at your college/university or you are welcome to rehearse at my home studio. There is no extra charge for mileage within the greater Oklahoma City area.
8. Termination - Please give me written notice that you no longer need my services along with whatever payment is owed. (Email is acceptable.) Failure to inform me will result in full charges for the performance event.

Please contact me at for more information.